How to Build a Garden Pond: Step by Step Guide

Have you been planning to design a beautiful piece of garden pond in your house garden? Do you think this whole creation task would be a little tiresome and tricky to do? Well, for the beginners calling this whole creation task to be daunting would not be a wrong statement. But still, locating the amazing garden pond in the house will not just increase the value of the house, but at the same time, it would implicate out the taste of elegance and modernity over the house appearance. To make the beginners task a little bit easy, here we would share a complete step up step guide for building a perfect garden pond in your house. Check out right below!

How to Build a Garden Pond Step by Step Guide

Creating an interesting piece of the garden pond might come up to be a tricky task for you but you definitely need the helping hand of the professional to finish over with this task. You need to first of all, dig the whole area where you have been planning out to arrange the garden pond. Clean it off with all the stones, dust and dirt over it.

DIY Garden Pond

Now its, time to arrange the garden pond with the stones presence that will be placed as around the corner areas of the pond. To cover the garden pond with much more sophistication, we would suggest you to place the planks that will bring awe inspiring effect into it.

Creating Garden Pond

As it is view out in this image, the garden pond is not in circular or straight shape of style. It is little bit tilt and its interior side is completely covered with the wood pallet functioning use into it in the form of wood pallet plank slats.

Garden Pond Idea

Now in the next step, you need to take the wood pallet bricks or the ones that are in the shape of rocks or shapes and make it place over the planks. The main purpose of these bricks is to let the water remain in the pond and in cool temperature.

Step by Step Garden Pond

This is how your garden pond will look alike as you will end yourself up with the placement of the bricks inside it. This surely looks creative and much innovative in appearance. Be sure, you do clean the whole interior mud area in the flat surface shape.

Garden Pond Building

Wait! You won’t be leaving behind the pallet bricks as it is! To need to cover the whole bricks area with the cemented formations. This will level up the whole of the garden pond in the favorable way. The upper side of the pond trail will be covered later on with the bricks use.

Garden Pond Project

You need to be very much careful when it come to level up the surface of the bricks inside the garden pond. This is an important step that requires to do with the open eyes. The whole cement area needs to be in one flat surface positioning in order to bring about the clean look in the whole idea.

Build a Garden Pond

As you are done in leveling up the garden pond bricks area, now its time to level the area of the cement resting on the flat ground surface. This step do also needs a little bit attention because the equal leveling of the cement in  the pond will help the water to stay in one level in a presentable way.

Garden Pond Making

Now this is what your amazing garden pond will look alike at the end of the day! Different sizes of the stones in blends of various color hues has been placed around the garden pond that is definitely turning out to be the main center of attraction of this whole creation.

DIY Garden Pond Project
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